From time to time you may find something not working. If your issue isn’t covered on this page, head to the github issues page, have a look there, and if you can’t find a solution feel free to open a new issue

RStudio viewer is blank

Try opening in a browser. Issue 18

Browser is blank

Look at the javascript console for any errors. Issue 95

Map doesn’t zoom to the layer

Are you subsetting an sf object without the sf library loaded? See here

Or are you plotting GeoJSON or an sfencodedLite object? The bounding box is not calculated for either of these, so the map doesn’t know where to focus

Map loads but the layer / data doesn’t

Do you have NAs in your data? Mapdeck will have issues plotting if there are, so it’s worth checking.

Some maps in a document (Rmd, shiny) load, some don’t

Maybe you have too many maps loaded. There is a known issue with Mapbox where browsers don’t support enough WebGL contexts.

If you inspect your document you may see this error. This indicates you have too many maps.